News + Resume

—  What I've been up to so far

—  Educational background


film directing

American Film Institute (LA, CA , USA)


PhD -

molecular genetics

University of Helsinki (Finland)



—  Selected awards and grants

Finnish Film Foundation, Finnish Culture Foundation, Alfred P Sloan Foundation, Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse, Finlandia Foundation





TOUCH and STEPS OF PERHEENTUPA featured in Helsingin Sanomat

Directing - STEPS OF PERHEENTUPA (feature documentary)

Directing - WOMBSONG (virtual reality dance experience)

Joined Finnish Film Director's Union (SELO)



Directing / Producing - JUHANI'S MINIMANI (feature documentary)

Casting (5 episodes) / Writing (2 episodes) - ISMO (television series)

Directing - HER SILENT NIGHT (music video)

Directing - NEGLECTED (media art)

Associate Producing - JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION (feature) 

Writing - CON RIT (feature script for Snapper Films)

Grant Award for CON RIT: Finnish Film Foundation



Writing - TOUCH (feature)

Grant Awards for TOUCH (feature) : Finnish Culture Foundation, Arts Promotion Center Finland, Liv och Hälsan rf

FATHER (short film) @ film festivals

CARMEL International Film Festival, HELSINKI Short Film Festival, BLUE SEA Film Festival, BOGART Shorts Festival, CULVER CITY Film Festival, Festival Internacional De Cine CONTRACORRIENTE, LAGUNA Film Festival, GREAT LAKES Film Festival)

Awards: Best Drama and Best Child Actor (BOGART), Best Student Short (UNDEREXPOSED)

Women in Film (WIF) mentoring program

Directing - NALIP / EL REY (commercial)



TOUCH (feature) featured in TUNTOSARVI magazine

MFA - DIRECTING @ American Film Institute (AFI)

Directing - FATHER (short film) 

Grant Award for FATHER (short film): Finnish Film Foundation

Intern - CROSS CREEK PICTURES (Development)

Intern - EUROPACORP (Acquisitions)

Teaching Assistant - Andy Wolk (AFI)

Grant Award for attending the American Film Institute (AFI): Finlandia Foundation


Directing - EXISTend (short film)

Directing - TOUCH (short film)

Grant Awards for attending the American Film Institute (AFI): Alfred P Sloan Foundation, Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse


Directing - NOBODY'S VICTIM (short film)

Grant Award for attending the American Film Institute (AFI): Finlandia Foundation


PhD MOLECULAR GENETICS - University of Helsinki (Finland)

Directing - JÄLKI (dance film)


Directing - WILL O'THE WISP / VIRVATULI (short film)

Grant Award for VIRVATULI (short film): Nurmo Municipality