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Virtual Reality

Wombsong (2018)

Premiere at LOIKKA film festival, 2018

Official selection 360 Film Festival, 2018

Official selection Kinetoscope VR Film Festival, 2018

Nominated for Best VR film NYC Independent Film Festival, 2019

Official selection Harlem International Film Festival, 2019

Finalist for Best VR made by Women Fine Arts Film Festival, 2019

Official selection shorTS International Film Festival, 2019

Official selection Vox Popular Media Arts Festival, 2019

A pregnant dancer contemplates the nature of expecting life to be born and the pregnant body’s relationship to the harmony inside of the dancing body. Baby’s first contact with a tightly embracing, big and mysterious being is as much a mystery as the dancer’s relationship to the budding life inside.

The soundscape is created from the authentic sounds recorded through the dancer's pregnant belly and dancer's voice as well as the voice of the baby, who was born after the filming.



Director - Hanna Västinsalo

Producers - Hanna Västinsalo / Meeri Lempiäinen

Dance and Choreography - Meeri Lempiäinen

Cinematography - Toni Pasanen

Editor - Hanna Västinsalo

Lighting - Ellen Virman

Sound - Ellen Virman / Mikko Kolehmainen

360 online editor - Andre Demony

Stock Footage - Shutterstock / Beachfrontbroll

Support: The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture - AVEK

Hanna Västinsalo Productions / Rear Window / Thinkseed Films